Natural Environment And Social Environment

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Introduction The environment (environment) is always relative to a central thing in terms of. The environment varies from center to center and from center to center. What we usually refer to is the human environment. Human environment is divided into natural environment and social environment. Natural environment, also known as geographical environment. Refers to the nature that surrounds mankind. It includes the atmosphere, water, soil, biological and various mineral resources. The natural environment is the material basis for human survival and development. In natural geography, usually constitute the natural environment of the overall factors, were divided into the atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, earth circle and the lithosphere and other five natural circle. The social environment refers to the human environment, such as urban, rural, industrial and mining areas, which is based on the natural environment and is gradually created and built up through continuous long-term planned and purposeful development to continuously improve the material and spiritual living standards. The development and succession of the social environment are governed by natural laws, economic laws and social laws. Its quality is one of the symbols of the construction of human material civilization and spiritual civilization.
Environment is our survival dependency, the environment is good or bad influence our survival or not, in order to better human survival, we must pay more…
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