Natural Food Verses Genetically Modified Foods

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As a child of the 80’s I would sit and wonder about many things in my life. Often on Saturday mornings I would get up extra early just to watch Saturday morning cartoons. Glancing briefly at the clock, I wondered what cartoon to watch. As I was seated comfortably about five to six inches away in front of the television, basking in its colorful glow, I would also be internally contemplating what cereal I would eat for breakfast. The choices were Lucky Charms or Franken Berry. Although, deciding which one would be a short lived task, as the cartoons were my priority. In retrospect looking back throughout my childhood and all the thoughts that passed through my mind, not once did I ever think about what the food I was consuming contained. I did not wonder or think about the lasting effects of the chemicals, coloring, and additives that were in the food I was eating and putting into my body. Instead I was focused on watching cartoons before the rest of the family was awake. Whereas nowadays I catch myself reading every label, conducting my own research, and learning more about the genetically modified food we consume daily while also trying to avoid them. On one end of the spectrum we have genetically modified Foods. These foods are exactly what their names states; they have been genetically modified either with artificial colors, artificial flavors, and other artificial additives. Sometimes their genetic codes are modified, even down to the manipulation of their basic
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