Natural Gas Is A Non Renewable Resource

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Natural Gas
Natural gas is a non-renewable resource, meaning that it will not last forever. If the production of natural gas continues at the same rate, it will only last for approximately another 91 years. Natural gas is a power source used to power particular things in homes, for example heaters, hot water and stoves. The way this particular power source is produced/sourced is that at the bottom of the ocean, deceased animals and plants etc. otherwise called organic matter are found and can be broken down into the formation of natural gas through a series of wells and pipes, and delivered to homes and businesses and other places where natural gas is used through the pipes. Scientists are trying to find other resources for gas because they are aware that the current one won’t last and that they are harming the environment and habitats of creatures in the sea through this procedure. This procedure is called Hydraulic Fracturing, otherwise known as ‘fracking’. Part of the fracking procedure is that a high water pressure is sent through tubes and pipes under water being forced onto different rocks. This water, however, contains several harmful chemicals that damage the organisms and animals and their habitats under water. Once the rock is cracked/ fractured, the oil and gas is carried back up the pipes. The air is also polluted in this procedure as the findings of the fracking process are relocated into either evaporators or into condensation tanks releasing dangerous
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