Natural Gas Mining Or Mineral Extraction

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Since land subsidence is one of the most difficult natural hazards to predict, humans are often provided with little to no warning of a drop in ground elevation. This downward shift of elevation is a common side effect of disasters, both natural and human induced. Land Subsidence can be triggered by disasters such as earthquakes or the over mining of natural resources. Subsidence is often not discussed as a common conversation topic, which has led to many people lacking knowledge on how to monitor an area or be prepared to help prevent it from happening. There are approaches that people can take to mitigate the chances of causing land subsidence due to activities within their control, such as natural gas mining or mineral…show more content…
This area formed through large-scale deposits of marine sediments, which was then further overlain by continental sediments. This unique terrain has led to the valley developing into almost a watershed. Most of the water runoff enters the area through the east side of the valley via the Sierra Nevada Range. The San Joaquin River originates in the Sierras and flows to the valley floor. (““Current Land Subsidence,”” 2017) The state of California is known as one of the largest agricultural producing states in the nation with the San Joaquin Valley being one of the world’s most productive agricultural regions. As the region has a large expectancy for agricultural production, California relies a great deal on water, which can be problematic as water is not always readily available as seen by long years of draught. (Faunt, Sneed and Bradt 2015) Annually, the valley floor receives an average of 5-16 inches of rainfall. (““Current Land Subsidence,”” 2017) The cycle of natural replenishment of ground water used to be balanced. As the need developed for a consistent water source for farming to maintain the lively-hood of local communities, then came the problem of over usage, which further drastically altered the water budget. The human population altered not only the natural replenishment of the aquifers,
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