Natural Gas as an Alternative Energy Resource Essay

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Natural Gas as an Alternative Energy Resource Natural gas is one of many energy resources being sought out as an alternative to some of the more pollutant geologic resources used abundantly today. Natural gas is being raved about due to how much cleaner it burns than other traditional fossil fuels, and it is becoming one of the more popular forms of energy because of this trait. It is a colorless, odorless fossil fuel, also known as methane. Today's uses for this resource are heating, cooling, production of electricity, and many uses in industry. It is being combined with other fossil fuels to improve environmental performance and decrease pollution. Overall, natural gas is becoming popular because it is an abundant, alternative…show more content…
For example, when natural gas burns the combustion leaves almost no sulfur dioxide emissions in the air and all other emissions are far less than other fossil fuels. The reduction of these toxic emissions will help us reduce two of the main air pollution issues we face today -- acid rain and carbon monoxide ozone pollution. There is one area that will make natural gas become a dominant source of energy due to its cleanliness and that is in the field of transportation. If we can make all cars and vehicles natural gas fueled then there will be a huge change in the amount of pollution that gas fueled vehicles put in the air today. For example, about three-fourths of the carbon monoxide pollution found in the city areas is contributed my gas fueled cars, as well as a significant amount hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxide emissions. It has been found that if we were to use natural gas instead of gasoline the carbon monoxide emissions can be cut down about ninety percent and the hydrocarbon emissions by almost eighty-five percent. This is an amazing amount of pollution reduction would make a huge change in the cleanliness of our air. The last and most important factors of natural gas are its reliability and its abundance in the world today. The natural gas service we have in North America has proven to be reliable, and as it becomes a more marketable commodity the
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