Natural Generation Vs Artificial Generation- Man Made

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state of turmoil, because it seemed as though there was no stopping the tornado that was my father 's relapse Short or long length of time- overall the ordeal lasted around a year. From the very first symptoms to him finally recovering took around a year and a half Random vs expectable- this for me was completely random. I never knew that my father had a past of drug addiction. His entire family from his father, to sisters, to nieces and nephews, they’ve all had a problem and I’ve known this my whole life, but I just thought that my dad was the one who managed to escape it. Natural generation vs artificial generation- man made. This was something that my dad caused, not because of something that the world did to him. Perceived as…show more content…
All while I was newly engaged and trying to keep what was happening somewhat hidden from my now husband, because I myself didn’t even understand the situation so I didn’t want him dragged into it. It was such a pile up of everything, I really thought for a while that if he couldn’t get clean that we wouldn’t make it. I thought he wouldn’t get better and I would have to not let him come to my wedding, which was even worse because even to this day he knows that I know something was wrong, but not that I know about his addiction. It was too much. I thought we would fail as a family, as I was just starting to make one of my own. Resources (B) Resources that my family had seemed scares throughout the crisis, especially because my mother and myself wanted to keep the problem that was happening unknown to anyone outside my family. We had no one but each other, besides eventually my uncle who was able to step in and help, which was also somewhat of a new social support system because my family was never very close to him before this (social support). Luckily my family had some flexibility in order to step up and start working more in order to contribute to the bills, where my father began lacking because of his problem , to contribute to (family systems internal resources,flexibility). Together we had some financial resources being that my mother’s work provides a type of health care that helped with providing therapy for both my
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