Natural Hair Struggles

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The Power and Struggles of Natural Hair
The Natural Hair Movement has made such a huge impact on the lives of black women in society. More women are seen wearing their natural hair and no longer care about other people’s opinions. Black women are making a statement in society today that their hair belongs to them and they can no longer be shamed from wearing it in the ways they do. The racism and oppression that is inflicted upon the black race in today’s day and age is not going to let the women fully embrace themselves and have full acceptance into our society as a whole. Due to society’s standpoint on beauty, if a person’s hair is not straight, that person will face indifference and will often be shamefully pushed to straighten their hair. During times of slavery in America, black women and other women of color went through similar societal influences. Since the Natural Hair Movement have become such a widely known, positive trend, it has motivated many black women appreciate their natural states. Because of the oppression that still exists and the difference in black women, they have become easy targets for criticism. Those opinions have been known to be discriminative, and are racial stereotypes towards black women and their natural hair.
Natural Hair to black women is important because it is so unique and cultural. It is the one thing that society cannot strip away from African-American women. In the journal of In Conversations on Black Hair: A Response to the Fifth
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