Natural Hazards: A Report on Avalanche Activities

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The question that was addressed in the research was whether it was possible to predict the activities of the avalanches in terms of the frequency or recurrence and the magnitude or the strength. This is a research that attempted to come up with a predication method that would help sustain the livelihood of the people living in Ophir as well as keeps them safe or informed of an impending avalanche. The prompting facts towards this research was a background of interdisciplinary field studies and the prior use of remote sensing techniques that were employed in delineation of mountainous areas like in Colorado and areas that were prone to such natural disasters like the avalanches, rock falls, mudslides as well as land slides. The upsurge of population in these regions to do sporting activities, and even the construction of second homes made it necessary to carry out this research as people with little or no experience of mountainous life took to the high areas and constructed camps there. Techniques in remote sensing and geoecology have been applied to the solution of practical land management problems at the county and township levels of local government and hence the employment of such a background to carry out this research. The hypothesis that was being investigated in this research was that avalanches can be effectively predicted and safety measures taken to avoid their collateral damage. The hypothesis is directly related to the research question since it is through
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