Natural Heart Observance Month Research Paper

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Get Outside and Be Active!

My selected Natural Heart Observance month is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, which is observed in May. Being healthy and active has been a goal of mine ever since I can remember. I have always strived to keep fit for sports and to stay healthy. In high school, I was ran year round for cross country and track. Running and keeping active was a high priority for me, rather than a chore. I was able to make some of my best friends for life through running. Running required much mental and physical discipline all the time. Having people that surrounded me who also believed in these similar virtues made it that much worthwhile. Physical fitness and sports best relates to the dimensions of wellness of physical
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Physical activity has been proven to stimulate various brain chemicals that can leave us feeling happy and relaxed. Dr. Mary de Groot of Indiana University ran a study on the link of depression and diabetes with exercise. With the diabetes patients, she had them perform a 12-week exercise and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) intervention program. The group that exercised showed improvements both in depression and in blood sugar levels. (Weir) Working out consistently can also help tremendously with our self-esteem and confidence. Exercise can boost our energy by improving our endurance and muscle strength that can benefit us in daily life situations such as at work or school. It may seem counter intuitive to say, but expending energy can help us gain more energy. It can help your cardiovascular system work more effectively by delivering oxygen and nutrients to your tissues. More than 90% of studies indicate that exercise increases energy for nearly every group, ranging from sedentary to healthy adults to cancer patients. Exercise can also make us sleep more efficiently by being able to fall asleep faster and reach an even deeper sleep. This effect happens over time the more consistent we exercise. Research has shown that exercise has a long term effect on sleep, but having quality sleep has a short term effect on our
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