Natural Induction

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It was a gorgeous, warm day, and I was scheduled to be induced at 8pm. My husband had decided to spend the day at home with me, and it was both lovely and surreal. We sat on the porch in the sunlight and drank beer. I propped my feet up on the concrete wall and we watched trucks pull in and out of the Devon Market receiving area. We may have talked . . . or perhaps not much. All I can remember is sitting in the glow of the afternoon sun with that strange feeling of “my life is about to change forever” surrounding me like a cloud.I kept hoping I’d go into labor naturally, but even though there had been a few evenings with patterns of contractions, they died out after an hour or so. Time was running out, and I had tried all the methods of natural induction I could think of (except for acupuncture and membrane stripping). Pressure points on the heels and wrists, using a breast pump, sex, spicy food, and long walks home from my appointments at Swedish Covenant Hospital, where they were monitoring my baby with nonstress tests since I was overdue. But nothing seemed to kick labor into gear.…show more content…
I had a huge duffel bag, and my hubby had a roller bag. I had insisted on packing everything we might possibly need—not just things for labor like a comfortable nightgown, sleep bras, CDs and heat pads, but also things to entertain us since induction could take a long time: I wanted the computer, movies to watch, books to read, snacks—anything I could think of that would make this experience a better one.We drove to the hospital. I remember walking in by the same doors I used to walk into for my checkups with the midwife group, and feeling like I was in a dream. The hustle and bustle of the day that I normally saw had given way to an eerie
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