Natural Law- Rules Discoverable By Reason, Govern Scientific

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Natural Law- Rules discoverable by reason, govern scientific forces such as gravity and magnetism.
Thomas Hobbes- Believed in powerful government (absolute monarchy) to ensure orderly society, wrote Leviathan, people were naturally greedy, social contract.
Social Contract- Agreement to give up their freedom for an organized society.
Natural Rights- Rights that belonged to all humans from birth that included right to life, liberty, property.
John Locke- Optimistic view of human nature, people were basically reasonable and moral, wrote Two Treatises of Government arguing that people formed governments to protect their natural rights, proposed radical idea that government has obligations to people and their rights.
Philosophes- Means
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Most reforms aimed at making Prussian government more efficient; reorganized government 's civil service and simplified laws; believed enlightened reform and desired strong monarchy and more power for himself.
Catherine the Great (Catherine II)- Empress of Russia and believed in Enlightenment ideas of equality and liberty. She abolished torture and established religious tolerance; granted nobles a charter of rights and criticized the institution of serfdom.
Joseph II- Supported religious equality for Protestants and Jews in his Catholic empire; ended censorship by allowing a free press, attempted to bring Catholic Church under royal control, abolished serfdom, and sold property of monasteries not involved in education or care for the sick and used the property to support those that were.
George III- English monarch at the time of the revolution. He was the main opposition for the colonies due to his stubborn attitude and unwillingness to hear out colonial requests/grievances.
Stamp Act- A tax that the British Parliament placed on newspapers and official documents sold in the American Colonies
George Washington- A Virginia planter and soldier. He was the 1st President of the United States; commander-in-chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolution (1732-1799)
Thomas Jefferson- A Virginian, architect, author,
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