Natural Law Vs Divine Command Theory

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The Theory of Natural Law, may be define in three aspects, there being a natural order in the world, everything having a purpose and how things are and how things ought to be. This theory also states that humans can distinguish between what is right or wrong through human reason/moral knowledge. On the other hand, the Divine Command Theory is a view of morality and states that what’s right or wrong is set by God’s moral commands. God’s commands tell us what is morally obligatory, permitted and wrong.
The Natural Law tells that humans have a moral knowledge/reason that makes us able to decide what’s right. This has caused various debates on whether people did the right because it was the right thing to do or because that’s what God commands.
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For instance, not all the Ten Commandants are easy to follow or even go with the time we are living in. One of the Ten Commandants states that we should not take the name of the Lord in vain, yet today the Lord’s name it’s something we say on a daily basis. In addition, religious followers may decide to act in a harmful or negative way in society and defend themselves by saying that God has command them to do it; which may lead to extreme religions, where its followers may take every word of the book to heart and try to carry out those views on their society. This theory makes us question on whether who came first, God or right, which I believe that right came first. When comparing the Divine Command with the Minimum Conception, it can be deduced that both are very differing from each other. One of the reasons is that with the Divine Command, God chooses for us what it’s right or wrong and if it became a moral system, atheists will feel out of place because they have a different set of believe just like other religions. In conclusion, while both the Natural Law Theory and the Divine Command Theory have aspects that I don’t agree on, both brought interesting ways to look at the world and the origin of our morals. Personally, I agree more with the Natural Law, since I believe that people do act on moral knowledge and the world has a natural order. Both theories showed me the various ways people may think about God and what’s
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