Natural Processes and the Ozone Levels in the Stratosphere

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Natural processes and the ozone levels in the stratosphere There are various effects that the natural processes like volcanic eruption, change in solar activities as well as change in air movement. The influences of these natural processes range from creation of the ozone effect, precipitation of the greenhouse effect as well as creating the haze effect all of which impact on the ozone levels in the stratosphere. The ozone effect Even though it has been scientifically proven that the halide acid (HCI) from the volcanic eruptions is mostly confined in the troposphere found just below the stratosphere and hence not effective in destroying the ozone as it is washed out by rain, the volcanic eruptions still play a significant part in reducing the ozone levels in an indirect manner. The particles emitted during an eruption interact with bromine and chlorine containing compounds from the human made CFCs hence the chemical reaction leads to the erosion of the ozone (Rangarajan S., 2013). This continued stagnation of the volcanic particles is made worse if the wind fails to blow to clear away the particles as well as failure of rain for a long time. Greenhouse effect During the volcanic eruptions, there is emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This existence of the CO2 in the atmosphere then creates the greenhouse effect as it thickens the ozone layer hence global warming. These warming results in the failure of the heat reflected back to the atmosphere from the
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