Natural Resource Depletion And Pollution

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As more and more environmental concerns such as natural resource depletion and pollution have been the major challenges for life of every human, an increasing numbers of environmentalists and public citizens are currently willing to find out the radical reasons that lead to those issues and what kinds of change can we make to address those as well. The problem was puzzling people until the idea of “tragedy of common” had been brought out by Garrett Hardin in 1968. In fact, the problem rooted in the tragedy of common can not be illustrated just based on its literal meaning, rather it should be understanding in more metaphorical way in which the word “tragedy” is not deemed to be a condemn resulted from reasons. However, the central argument…show more content…
Actually, the technical problems are mainly derived from growth of population and unlimited consumption of the natural resources. This idea is not hard to understand in many examples Hardin pointed out, such as “free grazing in the field and free parking during the specific seasons”(Hardin, 1968). However, the main problem is that when any individual part tries to make their won decision in a collective activity after measuring the balance between the cost and benefit, it is usually misleadingly thinking that everyone get same amount of benefits while the distribution of the cost is shared evenly on everyone and that private cost is equal to the social cost in the society. To illustrate, the social cost of discharging the waste water into the river by industry is usually including the cost of damage to the environment, which is called externality, which is excluded from their private cost. In addition, the worse situation will be happened when everybody believes that population growth should be promoted since there are more people who can share the cost while wrongly acknowledging that everyone will get the same amount of benefit as well. But the fact Hardin asserted is that we are all living in a planet with finite natural resources and that the increasing numbers of population will definitely lead to a consequence of decreased living standard by declining the amount of consumption per capita.
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