Natural Resources and Energy Paper

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Natural Resources and Energy Paper An ecosystem is a connection among living resources, residents, and habitats of an area. It includes animals, plants, microorganisms, trees, water and people. Everything that lives in that specific ecosystem is reliant on the other elements of that ecological society. Oceans are considered ecosystems due to the plant life supporting the animal life and also the animal life supporting the plant life. The earth’s marine waters cover two- thirds of its surface making marine ecosystem the largest of its aquatic ecosystems. In this paper we will identify the effects that a growing human population may have on that ecosystem’s resources, including loss or harm to populations of wild species, discuss one…show more content…
Research traces the increase in damage done to the marine ecosystem back from 150 to 300 years ago and it has only increased since then. The growth in population can also cause effects in the loss or harm of wild species. In the early 1900’s most mammals, birds, salmon, tuna, sharks and reptiles were depleted, and continued to decline by 1950 as the demand grew for different resources. The International Union for Conservation has a record of ocean animals that are on the “Red List”. This list has 620 species of marine animals listed on it and these animals are in danger of becoming extinct. This should show the human population that we need to work harder to put in a greater effort in protecting our oceans against pollution and overfishing. Strategies and techniques for marine ecosystem conservation would be setting up protected areas, as with marine protected areas (MPAs) or Voluntary Marine Conservation Areas. Other techniques include developing sustainable fisheries and restoring the populations of endangered species through artificial means. Another focus of conservationists is on curtailing human activities that are detrimental to either marine ecosystems or species through policy, techniques such as fishing quotas, like those set up by the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization, or laws such as those listed below. Recognizing the economics involved in human use of
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