Natural Resources are Being Depleted

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The natural resources of Earth continue to be used more and more each year. Coal and oil are consumed with incredible speed and about 28 percent of the total energy derived from coal and oil. Earth is becoming airless balloon and the human population is rapidly growing. These natural resources are not renewable. The world needs to stop pertaining to be blind about environmental crises. We need to start working on alternative energy that will protect our environment while maintaining energy dependent society. Our lives depend on energy. Modern technologies have developed to such an extent that everything we use nowadays needs energy. In every home, we use it to light and heat our houses and own 100 or more horses (horsepower) in our garage. Our power usage is limited. We might be enjoying it now but not in the future. Even today surprisingly, not all country around the world has access to the electricity. So it is complex to say word “We” as a world creating the environmental crisis by our careless energy usage. Many third worlds still have issue with energy crisis. For example, Africa mainly uses fossil fuel to generate electricity but only few percentage of the population is access to it. The world’s second most populous country India is the third largest coal producer and top CO2 emitters but half of the population has no access to it. Energy played the central roles moving the nations into well-being. But it derives to negative consequence as well. The future will

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