Natural Sciences And Human Sciences

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K nowledgecan be defined in different ways, as noted by the Oxford dictionary, “knowledge is the understanding of facts, information or skills acquired through experience and education , such as learning, communication, reasoning and discovering new abilities”.
Even though at first some areas of knowledge sought to either transform or describe the world, nowadays they do both an example of this are natural sciences. Years ago science was trying to describe how the world around us worked, but thanks to developments and new technologies, natural sciences have been able to use that knowledge to create great changes in the world.
However, even today some areas of knowledge seek to only describe the world. Human sciences, is an example of this, as it often only generates theories that describe processes or behaviors.
Both natural sciences and human sciences, use description as a way to explain the transformation of the world, however when seeking to gain more knowledge to transform the world it is essential to take into consideration the ethics in order to differentiate between what is right from what is wrong.
This essay will look at how knowledge about the brain in natural sciences and human sciences describes and transforms the world,.
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In recent years, human sciences, especially psychology, have developed rapidly particularly in the area of research of information processing and behavior, in order to describe the processes that take place in the human mind.
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