Natural Selection Biology

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Evolutionary biology has always interested me, specifically the mechanisms of natural selection and how species adapt to their environment. It started with my love for animals and nature when I was little. I spent my summers working with horses at a local corral, where I would ride around the surrounding wilderness areas. My favorite part about riding in the mountains was watching the change in plant and animal species as the elevation changed. It never ceased to amaze me how the alpine tree line was always so sudden. Humongous pine trees would give way to the short, shrubby plants of the alpine tundra so uniformly and noticeably. I have always wondered about the environmental conditions that cause species to distribute themselves in…show more content…
Whether it is through competition, symbiotic relationships, pollinator dynamics or the millions of other interactions that occur in nature, species have evolved together and thus live in certain niches or behave in certain ways in order to survive. When I was younger I always thought of these observations as just the way things had to be in order for nature to work, but now I realize these relationships are key to understanding how the natural world has evolved due to environmental conditions. Furthermore, the understanding of the mechanisms behind these natural phenomena are important in developing solutions to the current mass extinctions and decline of species. The biodiversity I observed as a child in the mountains and the biodiversity that I am studying now in college is one of the subjects I find to be most intriguing and important about evolutionary biology. The ways in which species evolve through natural selection and thus differentiate how they behave, look, or live is what contributes to the natural beauty and interconnected interactions of nature that first made me love animals and the outdoors. The mechanisms of evolutionary biology keep me inspired to learn about the natural world in order to determine how I can help preserve it. This has led to my aspirations of going to graduate school in wildlife biology and pursuing a career in research to solve current issues in wildlife
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