Natural Selection : Darwin 's And The Whys Of Adaptation And Speciation Essay

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Natural selection was Darwin’s way of explaining the how’s and the whys of adaptation and speciation that concern the continuance of life. Attributes of species is not by happenstance or by chance, but by years of evolution altering the genetic composition so as to ensure the preservation of its lineage. In virtual lab number seven, specific alleles and starting percentages (independent variable) of each were manipulated in varying environments (dependent variable) to show how a species adopts certain traits that are advantageous to its survival. I predict that as the independent variable changes the species will continually search for ways to match the dependent variable that ensures not only a continued existence, but one that is more formidable. Understanding how species co-exist in the world can assist mankind in understanding the differences in cultures.
For this experiment we assume that the organisms’ survival depends upon a single gene with two alleles, A & a, that show incomplete dominance. Furthermore, these alleles combine to form three genotypes: AA, Aa, & aa. All 3 genotypes are phenotypically expressed as varying traits of the organism as follows:
AA: Individuals carrying this genotype display “yellow” scales
Aa: Individuals heterozygous for this allele have mostly “brown” scales aa: Individuals of the homozygous genotype have “grey” scales
1. Choose initial allelic frequencies of A & a and an environment.
2. Click the Natural Selection

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