Natural Selection In Anthropology Essay

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There is strong evidence and beliefs that indicated the Neanderthal group in Europe and Western Asia were the first hominids to bury their dead. Additionally, anthropologist had found that Neanderthals of the time, were located their buried bodies that were accompanied with meat animal bones, flower and object tools like stone that were made of percussion flaking. The Neanderthal adorned the grave with flowers, something we still do in the modern world and this represents the beauty of the Paradise. The fact that, the use of meat and animal bones is because the Neanderthals were omnivores and eating animals were a form of their protein diet. In the same way, this ritual that’s still in use in a lot of countries, like Mexico that celebrates the day of the soul by bringing food to the commentary Regarding the use of tools that were supposed to protect them from dangers after their resurrection or rebirth, because this is a form of belief in the afterlife. So, the proof of this belief was because anthropologist found these ancient tools in their discovery, as well some…show more content…
So, these traits can be transferred when producing offspring. Here is a good example of what it is Natural Selection, the polar bear. The polar bear’s fur is the color white which helps them to camouflage in the snow. In addition, the polar bear’s white fur can insulate against the cold weather and that is a major advantage for them to survive in the arctic regions of the earth. In the other hand, the polar bears are different from the brown bear that need to be in the warm weather to be able to survive. Even more, another good reason that proved that the polar bears take a big advantage of the natural selection is that they have a big amount of fat that they store in their body and that makes them able to spend months without
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