Natural Selection Of Carmel Origami Birds

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Modelling Natural Selection Carmel Origami Birds -Dry Lab Sasha Pollak Ms. Sharp Grade 11 U Biology October.7th/2014 Natural Selection of the Carmel Origami Bird: Dry Lab The Avis Papyrus, more commonly known as the Carmel Origami Bird, native to the sparsely spaced Cool Creek Islands, was subject to a study of its evolutionary success. These birds must travel long distances to get between the islands they inhabit in order to survive long enough to produce offspring; meaning that being able to fly long distances aids in their fitness. The development of these beneficial characteristics are possible because of something called natural selection. Natural selection is the gradual process over the course of generations where a species gradually develops and excludes traits and characteristics (Fukuyama, 2004). This is to help increase reproductive success of an organism and increase the animals fitness. The experiment looked at how natural selection led to their evolution and it’s raw data shows evidence that the Origami Birds have met evolutionary success due to natural selection. Firstly, after considering the experiment 's raw data we can see that it does result in further flying birds than their predecessors. We can clearly see this through the gradual rise in the best average flight distance (cm) cleary presented in the line graph provided. This steady increase in data is a good representation of what

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