Natural Selection Paragraph Essay

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Natalie Lamm
Science 8

Darwins biography paragraph

When Darwin traveled over to the Galapagos island he traveled on a ship called the HMS Beagle. Darwin traveled to the Galapagos island to get information about evolution with the animals there. When he was there he observed tortoises, when he observed these animals he got a understanding of evolution over time. He saw that the tortoises in the area with food low to the floor had a flatter shell and a short neck, but when he observed tortoises with food high up he saw that the tortoises had a long neck and raised shell. Over time the tortoises evolved she they can survive in their environments. When he was their he wrote a book called the Darwins book on the origin of species. The information that he wrote about was information about species that were not fixed but could change over time by natural causes.

Natural selection paragraph

When Darwin was in the Galapagos he observed variation and adaptation. Where the animals on the island had a variation that will
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When scientists compare embryo similarities we discovered that humans embryos and animal embryos are almost exactly alike. We go through the first two stages as the same embryos as the animals but when go to the third stage we start to differentiate and grown into the animal or human. Scientists also look at similar DNA structure that gives us evidence that evolution occurred and shows us what similar ancestors we have. When we look at analogous structures we see that the structure is not common and is not evidence of evolution but when we look at homologous structures we see that there is evidence that evolution occurred. For example cats and humans have the same arm bone structure. When scientists looked at homologous molecules they see the alike DNA
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