Natural Sources Of Energy

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Consumer Side of the Business People and companies have different motives of why they choose natural sources of energy into comparison with the traditional use of oil, electricity, and gas. This could be explained not only by the increasing prices for utilities but also because of the urgent need to fight for environmental protection. The natural resources of the planet are quite limited and with the growing population of the world challenges with fulfilling the needs of humanity will become only more severe. With these tendencies present, it becomes clear, that alternative energy resources will become one of the most perspective business sectors that are capable of not only delivering comprehensive solutions for businesses and residents…show more content…
That is the main reason why people chose home based solar panels and natural gas installations - they significantly reduce the overall utility bill. According to the testimonies of the satisfied customers, people are mostly motivated by financial benefits that come from installing solar systems. However, it was noticed that the psychological aspect of the intervention also takes place, as they are investing in an environmental change that needs to take place. Moreover, from the position of the company it should be stated that it is frequently implementing improvements that do not only affect technology but also people’s perception of utilizing utilities. One of the examples could be seen in the new approach to billing from the Direct Energy. The company’s recent improvement affected the bill, which now consists of the prices of each utility present in the typical household. Now people are capable to see how much are they paying for and this way change their attitudes towards economizing the resources (Kelly-Detwiler, Peter). Thus, it could be stated that regarding working with residents Direct Energy practices cooperation with intermediaries and other companies located in various areas of the U.S. and Canada. Each customer is capable of choosing the solution that suits one best and meets all of the requirements
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