Natural Ways Of Cholesterol And Ldl Cholesterol

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Natural Ways to Reduce Cholesterol Are you asking yourself what is cholesterol because your Doctor has told you that you need to reduce your cholesterol levels in the blood. What is Cholesterol Are you now confused you by his/her talking about "good and bad cholesterol, HDL cholesterol and LDL cholesterol? Then fear not. You are certainly not alone. Numerous times I have been approached in my practice by individuals asking me, What is cholesterol?" or "What is HDL and LDL cholesterol all about?" To my amazement, many are under the impression that cholesterol is bad but it is not as simple as that. Not all cholesterols are made equal. Not all cholesterol is bad. What is Cholesterol? Сholesterol is an important substance created by our bodies in order to optimize our well-being. While the body is able to create this substance, we also receive cholesterol from some of the foods that we elect to consume. Generally, cholesterol is beneficial to the health. This is referred to as “Good Cholesterol”. Then, there is a type of cholesterol that is referred to as “Bad Cholesterol” and may impact our health in a negative manner. The good type of cholesterol is called “HDL Cholesterol” and the bad type is referred to as “LDL Cholesterol”. I feel it is important for everyone to understand what is cholesterol and the impact that it has on the health. I have created this guide to not only provide you with facts on cholesterol, but to clear up any misconceptions associated with this
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