Natural World Research Paper

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Though the connection may change throughout the years, humans have a connection the natural world. This connection is fluid and changing and may yield different connections between the two dependent on when in history or where geographically in the world we look. If we look through an anthropologic lens at humans thousands of years ago, we see a much different connection to nature than our current bond in modern western society. Other regions of the world may have different connection to nature than we in the western modern world do. However, it is the objective of this paper is to demonstrate how humans of the modern western world are connected to the natural world around us through the interpretation of a photograph. In this paper, through…show more content…
Due to the immense size of the orca and the almost precarious position of the man on top of its nose it could appear as though the man might be about to be eaten. This, in all other contexts, might make more sense just due to the immense size of the orca. It is hard to believe humans could have such control over these creatures. However, if we pursued this argument further the crowd of onlookers in the background would perhaps ruin this illusion. If the man on top of the orca was being eaten the spectators would have to be viewed as a part of some ritual of sacrifice to an orca. Their position and surrounding environment of stands brings with it the idea of entertainment and viewership. However, the crowd seems to be much too complicit and content if we assumed this was a sacrificial ritual and appear much more like this connection between the orca and man is something controlled and a reoccurring event. As well the trees to the side of the photograph ruin the illusion that this is happening in a natural environment and implies that this is happening in an artificial environment, which automatically implies that humans have somehow created and brought in orca into this constructed environment.
Therefore, it appears this other interpretation does not carry the same amount probability as my previous one. Therefore, I believe me original interpretation of the domination over nature and commodification of nature is the argument that holds the most ground. Even if we look at the photo in a totally opposite interpretation it is hard to escape the idea that humans have some sort of control or are in a position above nature in this
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