Natural and Artificial Selection

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Introduction Many scientists in the past, such as Aristotle and Plato, believed that there were no changes in populations; however, other scientists, such as Darwin and Wallace, arose and argued that species inherit heritable traits from common ancestors and environmental forces drives out certain heritable traits that makes the species better suited to survive or be more “fit” for that environment. Therefore, species do change over a period of time and they were able to support their theory by showing that evolution does occur. There were four basic mechanisms of evolution in their theory: mutation, migration, genetic drift, and natural selection. Natural selection is the gradual process by which heritable traits that makes it more…show more content…
We randomly selected 10 plants to be our parent generation for the control group and we chose 10 plants to be the experimental group. For the experimental group, we chose the 10 plants that had the longest first true leaf petiole lengths because that was what we were trying to manipulate in this experiment. We then took sticks with wires on them and carefully placed it where our chosen plants were in order to enhance the survival of our plants because the plants needed support in order to grow. In this experiment, we are trying to see if petiole length is a heritable and variable trait, so the experimental group should have longer petiole lengths in the second generation, when we replant, and the control should have a random variance since we did not select for the longest petiole lengths in our parent generation. After our parent generation plants have grown and the flowers started to bloom, we had to cross pollinate our plants in order for them interbreed with one another (Freeman, 2002). As mentioned before, artificial selected trait may interbreed with one other in order to reinforce that those desirable traits, in this case petiole length, will show up in the offspring (Artificial Selection). We were able to interbreed our plants with one another by using a q tip. We took the cotton swab of the end of the q tip and gently rubbed it around the highest
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