Naturalism Is the Style of Art That Details Precision and Accuracy in Displaying Things

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March 08, 2012 Humanities 200 Essay Topic 1 Question #2 Naturalism is the style of art that details precision and accuracy in displaying things as they are. Artists during would use naturalism by taking realistic figures and depicting those figures in natural setting as realistically as possible. Prior to the Renaissance, artists maintained their dependence upon the ancient tradition of icon painting, mostly of the religious kind. Duccio di Buoninsega of Siena conveyed within his paintings early features of naturalism, which would invoke an expressive and spiritual seriousness to the viewer of these paintings. From his early work on out, Duccio displayed a progressive abandonment of the early forms of art. Displaying the stiff head…show more content…
In Raphael’s, Sistine Madonna, he was able to create a painting depicting a combination of material and worldly elements within the heavenly, in a perceived dramatic interaction. The stage is seen as the lid of Pope Julius II coffin, while the drawn apart curtains to display the divine action. Raphael also includes two little angels whose expressions are seen as boredom and impatience placed in the painting as for a little humor. But in comparison to the baby Christ, Raphael has baby Christ looking to be caught in the moment, very aware of its significance in the future, and what Christ needs accomplish in the present. Finally, for the Madonna, Raphael portrayed her differently than his usual depictions. The Madonna appears to be looking down and directly towards the viewer, applying a realistically emotion of self-conscious yet tragic and mystical but ecstatic imagery. Raphael successfully is able underline all those qualities by surrounding her frame with a visual light. Giotto is credited with first taking a painting and making it as a window into space. Though, it was not until the development of perspective that a bigger movement was made of towards realism in the arts. Throughout the Renaissance period, painters developed other techniques, by observing lights and shadows, and even the human anatomy. Primarily, these changes reflected in the values of the Renaissance within an artistic method, help motivate a rejuvenated desire to portray what was

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