Naturalism Research Paper

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According to (Naturalism.Org, 2017), the definition of naturalism in terms of art and literature is defined as a style and theory of a type of representation based on the accurate depiction of detail. However, whereas, in a philosophical viewpoint, it is considered to be everything that arises from natural properties and causes, as well as supernatural or spiritual explanations that are excluded or discounted. Furthermore in moral philosophy, it is the theory that ethical statements can be derived from non- ethical ones. Lastly, it can simply be defined as another term for natural religion.
In terms of philosophy as stated before, naturalism can be the "idea or belief that only natural rather than supernatural or spiritual laws and forces
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He suggests, in his evolutionary argument against naturalism, that the probability that evolution has produced humans with reliable true beliefs maybe low or inscrutable, unless their evolution was guided, while According to David Kahan of the University of Glasgow, says that in order to understand how beliefs are warranted, a justification must be found in the context of supernatural theism, as in Plantinga’s epistemology.
In terms of philosophical naturalism, the belief is that there are not any supernatural entities. “No such person as God”, but also no other supernatural entities. It is my opinion that naturalism and contemporary evolutionary theories are different ideas, and despite the fact that the latter is normally thought to be one of the main pillars supporting the group of the former as each progressed. I see no similar problems with the conjunction of theism and the idea that human beings have evolved in the way contemporary evolutionary science suggests of a course of time. More particularly, I argued that the conjunction of naturalism with the belief that we human beings have evolved in conformity with current evolutionary doctrine. Meaning god caused evolution to take place. Personally I have a hard time agreeing with this idea (Naturalism Stanford Encyclopedia of
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