Naturalism Versus Christianity

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Apologetics Application Paper Final

Mike McDowell
APOL 500
7 November 2013

Naturalism versus Christianity
Naturalism is a prominent worldview that is held and praised widely in today’s modern world. However, when examined closely and held up to certain criteria that would establish it as a legitimate worldview, one can see that it comes up short in several areas such as the source of morality, internal logical consistency, and human nature. In these areas that Naturalism fails, Christianity succeeds by offering a valid alternative. Christianity then can further establish itself as a superior worldview by offering convincing arguments such as ontological, cosmological, argument for design, argument that
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Naturalists hold onto the idea that there is No Prime Mover, leaving theists to beg the question, what caused the first “spark?” The theory of cause and effect is clearly definitive and thus can either be true or false. And if there is no first cause, then this theory does not hold up creating internal logical inconsistency.
Groothuis continues to state that if a worldview can be found to have internal inconsistencies logically, then the worldview can be presumed to be false. (53) Scientists would rebuttal that existence happened spontaneously from a Quantum Vacuum. (Strobel, 13) This Quantum Vacuum represents a theoretical plausibility of “quantum uncertainties” that allow things to materialize instantly. (Strobel, 13) The Quantum Vacuum isn’t really a vacuum but actually a “sea of fluctuating” violent energy, “that has a rich physical structure and can be described by physical laws.” (Strobel, 15) If this were true, then another common rule that is held at the core belief of naturalism, matter is neither created nor destroyed, becomes called into question. According to the same law of bivalence, this statement must be true or false. The Vacuum represents matter acting as a “sea of fluctuating”
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