Naturalism Vs Religion

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An abundance of people eloquently ignore laws of science to follow their faith; naturalism trampers with many religions because of the deep kinship with science. Naturalism is the belief that life arises from natural properties and causes, it’s also the belief that there is immoral souls that will live forever after we die. Furthermore, there is no explanation of afterlife so it does not correlate with a spiritual world. Although not every concept I agree with, naturalism set of beliefs are closest to mine. one reason is it coexists with science. Exceedingly everything has scientific reasoning and naturalism fits parallel with these concepts. People tend to turn to religion when a loved one dies, including myself, so lately I have had…show more content…
Humans cannot think if they do not have blood flow to their brain. Thus, dead people cannot float around the earth, or a separate, spiritual world to think and act like humans immorally. After we die and our body stops functioning, so does our brain, we cannot think about anything. The moment in which we are dying I believe our brain shoots off random thoughts, almost like a hallucination or a dream. People may experience a flashback of their whole life, or see a light, or a God or a loved one, but the thoughts are intense and feel like a drug induced trance, but it does not relate to any spiritual world. In this aspect relates to Muhmmad Ali’s death, when his organs failed, his heart and brain kept going for a full fifteen minutes. Ali was very openly spiritual, and I believe that in those fifteen minutes he was in a complete religious reverie of his spirituality. Likewise, when people talk about seeing God, or some other spiritual sensation when they have a near death experience; it’s just a hallucination because they’re brain was still functioning. Overall, naturalism is parallel with my beliefs because there is no second, spiritual world people go to when they die because we simply cannot form…show more content…
All living things, obtain energy to live and this energy is constantly transferring, never being created nor destroyed, even by death. I am confident that our energy goes somewhere when we pass. I am confident that Sam is somewhere because he is still energy, even now that he is not physically here, his energy is. Conversely, I do not know if this means we transform to something else living, transform to a different form of energy, transform to a different dimension, or transform into energy for the earth. The possibilities are endless, and probably a lot more beautiful and simple than made up human reasoning. Einstein’s concept of energy is not analogous with naturalism set of beliefs, therefore naturalism does pose a threat to my opinions. Overall, naturalism does pose a threat to my views because death is not simply terminating, it’s transforming our energy because energy cannot be created or
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