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What is naturalistic observation? How does a researcher collect data when conducting naturalistic observation research? Naturalistic observation gathers data to provide a “complete and accurate picture of what occurs in a setting,” (Cozby & Bates, 2014, P. 119). The observation describes qualitatively events such as how people make decisions and how they solve problems using the skills individually and sometimes as a group think (Cozby & Bates, 2014). Naturalistic observations take place in a normative setting such as sports event, work cycle, and observes behaviors in general or in a particular setting. The observation supports information on previously acquired skill such as natural tendencies such as smiling or laughing, enthusiasm…show more content…
2016, P.59). Observational study in a naturalistic setting allows the participants to feel comfortable expressing how they think and feel about difficult topics and discussions. Those observations become the story of that which is studied. Grounded theory, according to Trochim et al. (2006) creates a setting where the researcher develops theories and questions and then uses the qualitative data to expand the theory and questions with links of understanding (P. 62). Those links of understanding help provide a better “how” and “why” of research. Distinguish between participant and nonparticipant observation; between concealed and unconcealed observation. Cresswell (2009) elaborates on the different roles of the researcher in observation (P. 182). The roles of an observer include conducting observation as a participant or just an observer, or unconcealed. The roles of observer can also include spending time as a participant and then becoming an observer or spending more time as an observer or participant and then filling the opposing role (observer or participant). Another role option for the observer is to observe from the outside and move into the setting, not as a participant but rather situated in the setting. Depending on the frame of the information gathered any of these situations are acceptable as the data gathering or researcher doesn’t become intrusive or exclusive in whom they observe to prove a point.

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