Naturally Treating Type Two Diabetes Mellitus

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Naturally Treating Type Two Diabetes Mellitus Devon Helton Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College Abstract One of the most common diseases today is one that can be found in any country, and affect anyone, regardless of age, sex, race or gender. Type two diabetes mellitus affects millions of people every single day, and the majority of these millions of people will turn to medication for treatment. However, there are certain choices that can be made and actions that can be taken that will allow these individuals to obtain treatment naturally. After reading the following text, the reader will have a better understanding of how proper nutrition, exercise, and a healthy body weight will aid in the treatment of type two…show more content…
It is easily known among the overall population that nutrition is very important in maintaining a good state of health. This is especially true for individuals who have type two diabetes. These people that have developed this disease must closely watch the amount of sugars that they consume. This is due to the fact that their bodies do not produce the amount of insulin needed to use or store the increased amount of glucose in the blood that has resulted from the food they’ve eaten (CDC, 2015). The way that a diabetic’s diet would differ from that of someone who does not have this disease would obviously be the close monitoring of the intake of sugar. However, there are other aspects of their diet that have to also be taken into consideration. A diabetic’s diet is one that consists of a low intake of fats, while eating a plentiful amount of healthy carbohydrates that are rich in fiber (UF Diabetes Institute, 2011). The fiber in the foods that they eat help moderate their digestion which aids in controlling their blood sugar levels. Their diets will also likely consist of a frequent consumption of fish. Fish is an excellent alternative to high fat foods and is also a rich source of omega-threes which support heart health (Medline Plus, 2015). Although fat intake is low in a diabetic’s diet, they do consume
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