Nature And Beauty Of Wilderness

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In North America, the classic voice of the colonizing person’s connectedness to nature and a has been the romantic individualist writing of wilderness. Such writing focuses on remote, pristine, untouched places in the place of arrival, far from colonial habitation. Its perspective is compelling because it contains accounts of spiritual and aesthetic qualities of nature that convince the reader about the value and beauty of the place written about, the need to preserve it and the inherent lovability of the 'new ' land. WILDERNESS HAS BEEN A USEFUL CONCEPT FOR PRESERVATION. The colonial framework fosters understanding land that is not actively managed and economically productive as not [yet] converted. The truth is this mindset…show more content…
A set of self-sustaining self-directing relationships among a set number of participants within set numeric boundaries assessed healthy memberships and processes going on. Histories and comparisons to areas isolated from human impacts set the terms of comparison. A rule of thumb, health for nature has nothing to do with colonial impacts. Land of intrinsic worth retained its pre-colonial memberships and processes. The more like wilderness a parcel of land was the more intrinsic worth. unworked North American lands retained essence. The world [in this context meaning the unworked natural world] proceeds from the same spirit as the body of man. It is a remoter and inferior incarnation of God, a projection of God in the unconscious. But it differs from the body in one important respect. It is not, like that, now subjected to the human will. Its serene order is inviolable by us. It is, therefore, to us, the present expositor of the divine mind. It is a fixed point whereby we may measure our departure. As we degenerate, the contrast between our house and us is more evident. We are as much strangers in nature as we are aliens from God. (46) Until worked they were serene and inviolate, ‘timeless’ in other words. An inverse was also implied, the event of exploiting land in colonial fashion brought about “degenerate” subjugation. Is this not how we understand wilderness in expressions
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