Nature And General Causes Of Trauma

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Child Abandonment Nature and General Causes of Trauma The evolving aspects of what amounts to Trauma presents a complex situation to all the stakeholders involved. New elements are being added to the definition of Trauma. Traditionally, trauma was described as any event that could not be predicted. In addition to the difficulty in prediction, the event had to be overwhelming and prolonged. The event always takes the orientation of imminent danger that may or may not occur. This event can occur to any person at any age. For this reason, definition of trauma keeps on evolving as per the dynamics that keep affecting human life. It also can manifest itself on either emotional or psychological approaches. Despite the complexity surrounding the definition of trauma, it can generally be described as either the emotional or psychological response an individual has over a certain happening which is negative in nature. This response results to devastating effects if not tamed early enough. However, if some has become a victim of trauma, treatment needs to follow immediately. This stems from the fact that nearly all types of trauma can be treated. As observed in the definition of trauma, diversity is an outstanding aspect and this directly relates to the cause of the type of trauma at hand. Many factors are associated with the causes of trauma. Traumas are also named or described according to the factors that made them happen. The key aspect that features in all these causes is that
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