Nature And Human Resources : Needs Of Natural Resources

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People become selfish by doing whatever they want. Many human only care for themselves, and do not care about other thing such as nature and natural resource. Human history shows that we waste many natural resources and have polluted many resources such as air and water. Some people don’t recycle stuff that can be reused such as paper. To make paper, we cut down lots of tree and forest which is a natural resources. Natural resources should be protected by all humanity. There is lot of reason why every human should protect natural resources. We use natural resources every day to survive. Natural resources don’t pollute and waste the environment like human do. Once natural resources are gone we can’t use them again.
We need natural resources to survive. Plant make the oxygen that human need to survive and they maintain the atmosphere of Earth. Without oxygen human would die in three minutes. They provide us with many things such as food, fiber, medicine, and fuel. Human need 840 grams of oxygen per day and there are 1000 billion tonnes of oxygen in the earth’s atmosphere, base on NASA’S calculation. Sunlight, water, and soil are natural resources which plant needs and we need plant. We also need water. Jan Ingenhousz, who also contributed to the discovery of photosynthesis. He was Dutch chemist, biologist and physiologist who performed important experiments in the late 1770s that proved that plants produce oxygen. After Ingenhousz experiment, he concluded that plants use
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