Nature And Nature In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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The Pulitzer award winning novel, “Of Mice and Men”, the author, John Steinbeck utilizes nature throughout the piece of literature as an idea that symbolizes a complex interpretation and definition concerning Lennie and George. Steinbeck describes the natural world in result and consequence of specific scenarios in the literature. Many descriptions of nature generally undergo constant change as characters develop an emotional status change that characters endure consistently in the novel. The emotional status of characters portrays an effect on the interpretation and description of nature. Described progressively, the description of nature often portrayed the emotional status characters undergo. Various characters display an important and constant portrayal of love to nature as they uniformly reinforce the idea of owning a farm, but most importantly opinions on their upmost home. Most of the descriptions introduced to the readers generally summarize the characters emotions as they endure events constantly. Steinbeck uses emotion of characters to express their interpretation of particular objects in those specific times and events. The mood reflected off a particular situation seeks connection to personal opinions, in addition to opinions socially and emotionally. Steinbeck utilizes emotion of characters and reflects it upon the description and symbolism of nature. One majorly evaluated example in the literature consists off of their dream to owning an acre of
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