Nature And Sources Of New Zealand Law Essay

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Part One: Nature and sources of New Zealand law Law, Morality/Ethics and societal context
There are serval reasons why we need law in today’s society, for instance: To regulate society, as the traffic laws exist that enforce people drive in a safe manner; To protect people, as there are laws about food safety to ensure that the food we buy is safe to eat; And to enforce rights, since the criminals laws prevent or deter people from abuses other people.
The Constitution
The US’s Constitution was written during the Constitutional Convention and signed on September 17, 1787. While New Zealand has an unwritten Constitution, and it’s found in court decisions, statutes, doctrines and conventions. There are serval source of it, for instance: New Zealand Bill of Rights Act, Constitution Act, Electoral Act, Supreme Court Act, and Treaty of Waitangi.
A convention is a non-legal rule of a political or constitutional nature. It is non-justicable.
Examples of conventions include: the caretaker convention--newly-elected governments cannot be influenced by previous governments.the Governor-General always gives the Royal Assentto turn bills into acts.
Tiriti O Waitangi / Treaty of Waitangi
(a) The principles of the Treaty are only enforceable when adopted in domestic law.
(b) The role of the Tribunal is to make non-binding recommendations for both historical grievances and contemporary claims.
Part 2: Legislation
Parliamentary process
1. Three branches of government:
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