Nature Disaster And War In Gone By Michael Grant

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In a world that has been destroyed by nature disaster and war. There is starvation and the terrible creatures. Gone by Michael Grant unwinds an amazing story of teenagers. There is a first event where the elders are gone and the world starts getting destroyed. All the teenagers are scared of everyone in the society. The nature disaster, starvation, and the war make the teenagers nervous and concerned. In addition, they get attacked by a creature which has been created in the society. At the last time, they are separated and fight each other. Mother of teenagers comes and ask them to go with her, but Caine(the leader of the group) doesn’t accept the request. He just goes into the faith. This story is an example of war, it presents a hyperbolized…show more content…
The teenagers are getting used to how to fight and how the war feels like. They probably will notice that it would not be a situation but they know that war is going to continue. Teenagers start noticing how harmful the war is. “Drake Flailed madly, unbound, shrieking, thrashing, hurting himself but unable to stop the pain...he had never felt anything like it, never imagined anything could be like it” (Grant, 418).
The descriptions that is being used in this quote is realistic that we can imagine in our imagination. It is effective to let the readers to feel the pain that raised the awareness. “He had never felt anything like it.” is the key point of this quote. He has never felt that kind of pain before this war happens. He is surprised and nervous. Which means a war is new and painful to them. They have never felt it and noticed how it can be happening in our life. The war will never give you anything good. Maybe the feel of winning and killing. The war is just going to give you a pain, death, and desperation. “Battle is the most magnificent competition in which a human being can indulge. It brings out all that is best; it removes all that is base. All men are afraid in battle.” is the part of the quote of George S.Patton. The battle is the most magnificent competition and all the soldiers are afraid of it. The teenagers are also going
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Without the war, the life will be safer and better. “ Sam grabbed the door handle and twisted it. But before he could throw it open the girl plowed into Sam and bowled him over so that he sprawled onto the wooden floor and gathered a rug as he slid. A dog landed on his chest and bounced off” (Grant, 362). “A dog landed on his chest and bounced off” shows exaggeration of the danger of the society. If a dog lands on his chest, its bones will just get cracked and it will be dead. However, in this book, it exaggerates that a dog bounced off to make it scarier. It lets us to be thinking deeper of the danger of the war because not only people get hurt, also animals die. It is mostly about the danger of a war and how it effected at raising

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