Nature: Goddess of Africa

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Nature: Goddess of Africa
Okara’s invocation towards the mighty Spirit of the Land

“But standing behind a tree
With leaves around her waist
She only smiled with a shake of her head.”---
Okara recites his view of the spirit of Africa as a form of the Nature Goddess in the poem The Mystic Drum. Okara worships her to revive the spirit of Africa, and the way he seemed to be doing it is by being more and more close to the nature. This closeness can be found in most of the poems of this African poet Gabriel Okara. The Mystic Drum, The Call of The River Nun, The Snow Flakes Sail Gently Down, Moon in The Bucket, You Laughed and Laughed and Laughed are only a few of them. The nostalgic poet tries to summon and bring back the pre-colonized Africa
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But by doing so he also communicates and appreciates the exquisiteness of nature. He through his poem flourished the natural beauty of Africa and also accommodates nature with tradition. Worshiping gods by playing drum and mask dancing were the traditional culture of Africa, and Okara using these culture and natural beauty illustrate the true and rich splendours of Africa.

Nature’s calling

To Okara the spirit of Africa is not lost but forgotten in the course of colonization, and the spirit calls through the nature to all of the Africans, who have a wishful heart to listen to nature’s plea. Okara describes this calling in his poem The Call of the River Nun:
I hear your call…
… … … …
Like the trees’ to watch
My mirrored self unfold
And span my days with
Songs from the lips of dawn.

I hear your lapping call!
I hear it coming through;
Invoking the ghost of a child
Listening, where birds hail Your silver surfaced flow.
Okara emphasizes how the nature is communicating through its beauty, its rebirth and with it flowing through time and changing along with time. Nature, the African spirit also shows itself in the innocence of a child, a pure soul which is still a long way from being corrupted by the colonizers discourse. Okara hears the spirit of Africa and tries to convey the spirit’s message through his poetry.

Poet in America

Okara feels the spirit of the land calls him through
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