Nature, History, and Curriculum Overview of the Subject English

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Part A: The Nature and History of Subject English The way English is taught today in Australian classrooms has been going through some serious changes. The older models are proving themselves outdated. Newer models are beginning to emerge which take a more multi-faceted and plural approach to lesson planning and learning processes within the context of the subject of English. Essentially, the older models of teaching are becoming blatantly outdated and ineffective at really introducing students to the myriad of complexities within the subject as a whole. Previous generations had focused on more narrow models of teaching English that focus more on the outcome rather than the process. Many corporate models of public education focus more on standardized testing than actually getting the students engaged with the literature they are being exposed to. Essentially "teachers are forced into shifting their primary focus of attention from teaching literacy to teaching students how to handle tests," (Thompson 2009 p 5). This model has proven incredibly bland, and therefore ineffective in the changing educational environment. There were increasingly limited models of teaching based on the hegemony within the Anglophone world (Green & Cormack 2008). This attests to the idea that the name English restricts the learning processes that go on within this particular subject (Kress 2006). More innovative models of teaching have helped increase the ability of teachers to truly impact
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