Nature Is Composed Of Animals, Plants, Landscapes And Many

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Nature is composed of animals, plants, landscapes and many other features of the world that are distinct to all human creations. Nature has been set apart as something untouched and free of human touch. Natural resources refer to all the materials that are available in our Planet earth. They are basically utilized by people to satisfy their physiological needs, including shelter, clothing, air, water. People are unique creatures who have survived and reproduced in a myriad of environments due to cultural adaptations. These adaptations have allowed humans to colonize nearly every ecosystem type on Earth. Not only but also these innovations allowed people to grow exponentially for millions of years.
With increasing technology, humans have
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Fertile lands have been transformed into grazing fields, highways, houses and commercial centers. Diminishing vast agricultural areas that will naturally deplete the production of food. Researchers show that earth’s natural resources are limited, but today these resources are exploited to meet the nation’s needs. Darwin’s theory of natural selection is invoked to argue that humans are conditioned by nature to struggle for access to limited resources emphasizing on the fact that nature remains unpredictable. Although the quality of life has improved over the past decades, the negative effects on our planet are unquestionable. The value that people place on the environment play a very important role in whether we are a part of nature or apart from nature. As the population grows, natural resources are being used at a very fast rate. Some people believe that public land should be managed by the conservation of the environment and its resources. Meaning that this resources should be used by humans and managed in a responsible manner. These group of people see value in all the goods and services nature can provide. Ensuring that all this natural resources will be used in a moderate manner to meet people’s needs without jeopardizing the supply of resources for upcoming generations. Therefore, the environment and all the natural resources it provides will not be depleted or
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