Nature Is My Teacher Essay

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Nature! Mother Nature! So ancient, yet so fresh; so marvel, yet so novel! A deep connection between beauty and civilization! It is my universe, it is my life. From birth to death, Mother Nature cradles me in her bosom. She is always in my mind. She is so dear. Nature is my Teacher.

Simplicity is her beauty! Nature that envelopes all of us is so grand, so loving! She gives us the grace, the beauty and the fluency of our life. The care, the love, the affection of all our human life is imbibed from her spirit. She breathes life into us. Grew in sun and shadow, we live the life given to us by her. We all are accommodated to be her children. She is the creator, protector and promoter of our mortal life. Our purpose of life is worthy of her benevolence, it elevates us that we are. It is as true as we exist as her children. Mother has always been a synonym with love, devotion and dedication; the personification of nature as a nurturing mother is so primitive. Giving nature the attributes of a mother, life-giving and nurturing, is as old as the evolution of human as a thinking animal. We are at home and harmony with her – at our leisure, through our work, in our labor and at our rest. She is the reservoir of all happiness, a whole planet of magic waits for us at every step. The wise believes it, the prudent feels it. It is the human friction with nature, a Midas
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When we are in harmony with nature, we live in normal and moral terms with ourselves; our leisure in nature becomes pleasure. Keeping that in mind, what we have attempted in the book is to connect, interface and achieve the natural love of life, which is so close to the earth and open to the world. The connection helps us to see the tree green, the birds fly in the blue sky, setting of the sun, and a morning sunrise with a new look. It makes us feel that these were there before our eyes all these days, yet we missed them
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