Nature Of All Its Glory : Wordsworth Versus Keats

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Nature in All its Glory: Wordsworth Versus Keats With William Wordsworth and John Keats, they were two highly distinct poets that allow the audience to continue to explore and rebound back to Nature over and over. They illustrate in different manners how nature is so powerful due to the spirit of humankinds found in such Nature. They both “romanced” such a period that aided in the revival of humankind and how humans demonstrate nature and life itself. Wordsworth believed our teacher was Nature and it is up to us to understand that there is always beauty in such Nature. And with that beauty found in Nature, we must come to find joy in Nature as well. Nature was not just any teacher set by Wordsworth, he sought to show the world that it as a teacher of demonstrating righteous morals along with malevolent morals. Nature is the one thing to cleanse and bless our souls down to the core. Even the wicked ones because without them we would not have the ability to see ALL of Nature’s beauty. We must see her in all forms to truly understand her. Wordsworth desired people to be more open in their mind and hearts so that people could view Nature more and receive more of its power by watching and taking part in it more often. He did not want anyone to read books anymore because you could not completely find happiness within the pages. One must venture out into Nature to feel her. It was up to us to consume the spirit of Nature. Books! ‘tis a dull and endless strife, Come, hear the
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