Nature Of Learning: An Essay On The Nature Of Learning

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Nature of Learning
Learning is primarily the process of acquiring skills, knowledge, values, attitudes etc. It enables the individual to learn good habits and brings progressive modification in behaviour. From the above given definition, it is understandable that the process of learning has distinctive features. These are as follows:
[i]-It is universal phenomenon: Learning is a process which is experienced by all the living creatures. Man brain is the most complex system which enables him to learn and acquire new skills, habits and behaviour from the childhood.
[ii]- It occurs through experience: It is acquired through some personal or impersonal experiences. Life experiences help an individual to become better human being as it provides …show more content…

Life is very complex and each day is different. It demands an individual to alter his behaviour according to the situation in order to tackle it. It is a lifetime process which begins from birth and continues till death.
[iv]-It brings change in behaviour: It involves some modification or alteration in behaviour. The change in behaviour can be good or bad but usually learning implies an improved behaviour.
[v]-It involves an adjustment: It enables man to adjust himself effectively to the new conditions. It helps children to modify, adapt, and develop their unique nature and later on individuals can adjust his nature according to the situations.
[vi]- It brings relatively permanent change: It ensures that learned knowledge or skills acquired by an individual have a long lasting change in his behaviour. Any change which temporarily occurs in an individual does not amount to learning.
[vii]-It is tool for growth and development: It is a process that brings growth and advancement in the human behaviour. It helps an individual to grow professionally and personally.
[viii]- It is not directly observable: It is a phenomenon which is can be studied only through observable behaviour. It can be reflected only in the behaviour and performance of an

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