Nature Of Nature And Nurture

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Nature verses nurture is a topic that everyone is going to have their own thoughts and opinions about. I think that nature and nurture both play a huge role is a person’s life. I have a bother and a sister and they are twins. They are two years older than me but only one year grade difference. We were raised the same way for the most part. The only difference is my Step-dad had a bigger influence on my life than my brother and sister. You can tell where I do things different from my sibling because of the influence my step-dad had on my life. I got into 4h and show animals where my sibling did not. With extra practice I think children can catch up but timing is important. Children develop at different times and ages. There a different stages in development. Children began to crawl then walk and then talk and you don’t see a child talking in full sentences before the child can walk. Children develop at different rates, but they go through the same stage for the most part. The brain is so complex. Teachers and parents play a huge role in someone’s life. Parents and teachers are pushing and helping children grow mentally. On page 34 in chapter two is says “supporting brain development studies of the brain indicate that stimulating environment and meaningful interactions with parents and teachers likely support better brain development.” Teachers are so important because teaching can change the organization and structure of the brain. There are so many different learning…
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