Nature, Scope and Role of Managers

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Nature, Scope And Role Of Managers
Management Definition, Nature, Scope And Role Of Managers Presented By Group No. 1 (Stephen Covey) Member’s Name:- ATUL MISHRA (COORDINATOR) SANGHARSH KUMAR RAJEEV KR. SHARMA SHAILENDRA RAKESH SINGH CHANDEL 6. JEETENDRA RAI

OBJECTIVES:- After this presentation you will be able to define – Management Nature of Management Scope of Management Functions Of Management Role Of Managers

About Stephen Covey :
About Stephen Covey Birth- Stephen Covey, a great motivational author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People born on 24th october, 1932 in Utah, USA. Education- He studied in the university of Utah and completed his Master Of Business administrator (MBA) from Havard University and
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Distinction between management fundamental and practice Arguments against universality


(i) Production Management: (a) designing the product (b) location and layout of plant and building (c) planning and control of factory operations (d) operation of purchase and storage of materials (e) repairs and maintenance (f) inventory cost and quality control (g) research and development etc.

(ii) Marketing Management: :
(ii) Marketing Management: Marketing involves following activities (a) Marketing research to determine the needs and expectation of consumers (b) Planning and developing suitable products (c) Setting appropriate prices (d) Selecting the right channel of distribution, and (e) Promotional activities like advertising and salesmanship to communicate with the customers

(iii) Financial Management: :
(iii) Financial Management: 1. selecting the appropriate source of funds 2.raising the required funds at the right time 3.administration of earnings 4.Estimating the volume of funds

(iv) Personnel Management: :
(iv) Personnel Management: (a) Manpower planning (b) Recruitments, (c) Selection, (d) Training (e) Appraisal, (f) Promotions and transfers, (g) Compensation, (h) Employee welfare services, and (i) Personnel records and
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