Nature Through Nurture : Nature And Nurture

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Emily Yang Psych 21 Nature Through Nurture For many years we have questioned whether humans are shaped by NATURE or NURTURE. Nature, meaning we are structured by our GENES (internal influences), or nurture, shaped by our environment and experiences (external influences). Recent studies has enabled us to see that both these factors are crucial to development and greatly intertwined. Thus, in recent years it has become “nature, through nurture”. We are able to see GENETIC influence in development through twin studies and adoptive studies. In 1979, Thomas Bouchard, conducted a study where he studied twins separated and birth. By observing these twins, he found that twins that were separated at birth and put into different families were just as likely to have the same personality traits and interests as those that were born and raised together. With this study, he was able to prove that genetics played a bigger role into a person’s personality than the environment they grew up in. In another twin study, researchers at University of Edinburgh studied 800 sets of twins and measured the twins characteristics using the Ryff Psychological Well-Being Scale. Results showed that MONOZYGOTIC twins were 50 percent more likely to have similar traits than DIZYGOTIC twins. This showed personality characteristics are correlated to genome and similar DNA would increase the chances of similarity personality. An adoptive studies conducted by Cadoret, Troughton, O 'Gorman in 1987 determined
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