Nature Versus Nurture Has Been A Big Debate In The Past

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Nature versus nurture has been a big debate in the past few years. Debates and arguments from both sides has its own statements which makes their side stronger. Some argue that it is in the genetics if a person is intelligent where some state the opposite, that surroundings make a person intelligent which improves them in a person mentally and physically. In the 1950s psychologist Harry Harlow studied the effects of maternal deprivation on the development of baby monkeys. Some philosophers such as Plato and Descartes suggested “that certain things are inborn” (Saul McLeod, 2007), or that they occur naturally regardless of environmental influences. Other examples of nature debates were Bowlby’s 1969 theory of attachment likewise Chomsky’s …show more content…

The dizygotic twins show a higher correlation than their other siblings even when reared apart supporting the theory that nature does have a major influence on human intelligence. Nurture intelligence is another factor which is still unfolded. Some believe that upbringing a child in a proper environment can effect their mood, body and their views towards to world. If someone’s brought up in an environment where he or she gets all the facilities and necessities of daily life, it will help through the entire life, in saying that if the person receives the correct surroundings, family support, supportive friends circle, it can help them throughout the journey of life. Family habits, interests and company of good people as mentioned above will leave a significant effect on the person’s development. The nature theory holds the genetic influence over abstract traits however, the environmental factors are the real origins of our behaviour. We want to be according to the environment around us. At the end we are still confused which way is right nature or nurture since both sides have valid reasons to be right. Some traits come to us by genes and some we experience through travelling and experiencing different situations in our lifetime, which is a proven fact. Nurture helps shape our intelligence in the sense that what surrounds us is what we end up liking and

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