Nature Vs. Nurture : Addiction

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Nature vs. Nurture: Addiction Introduction Psychology is a developing science which studies the mental functions, processes, and behaviors of an individual. In the science of psychology, many debates arise; nature vs. nurture is one of the most popular ones. These psychological debates are followed by research, backing up either nature or nurture or both. Nature suggest heredity impacts human psychological development; nurture suggests the environment impacts our psychological development. Addiction plays a large role in nature vs. nurture. Addiction is defined as a person being attached to a certain activity or item; an addict is one who has a dependency on particular substances or activity. There are many debates on whether addiction is caused by genes or the environment. Many researchers believe if they had the answer of addiction being a genetic condition or an environmental factor, they would be able to resolve the problem of addicts, or so they believe. Nature Aspect on Addiction Addiction has been proven to be in the genes of humans. “Addiction is a notorious treatment-resistant psychiatric disorder characterized by the impairment of self-monitoring, loss of interest in other targets of pleasure, and uncorrectable impulsive/compulsive drug-seeking behaviors”(Todo, 2012,para.1). Susan Ferguson stated that the basal ganglia system and the striatum are thought to create positive and negative
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