Nature Vs Nurture And Nurture

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Some believe that morality is an evolutionary anomaly, while some believe that morality is formed by the environment around you. Since the beginning of time, psychologists have argued over whether morality is formed and cultivated through nature or nurture. This psychological anomaly is why I am writing this paper. Ever since I have enrolled in, and taken, a psychology class during my junior year, I have questioned whether every little emotion and action is because of nature or nurture. No topic is more widely explored and researched than morality. It cannot be scientifically or psychologically proven or tested, making any claim highly controversial. This idea, of nature vs nurture, that I had previously researched my senior year of high…show more content…
That’s when I had realized a person like this would be right before my eyes on from 12:45 until 2, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Yes, that’s right. I had from that point on become set on interviewing my psychology professor, Jason Whetten. I had finally gotten the nerve to ask him, in person obviously, after class. As terrifying as it seemed, I quickly realized that I had nothing to worry about. To my relief, he said he would be very willing to do an interview regarding my essay topic. I then let out a mental sigh of relief. As I walked into his office to talk to him, I instantly became nervous. Thoughts rushed through my head: “What Do I Say?”, “Do I Record This?”, “What Do I Ask?”. I eventually walked in, sat in the chair, and everything seemed to fly by. He also wasn’t scary at all, surprisingly. I trusted his viewpoint and opinion upon the subject because of his vast knowledge and experience within the field. His comments and statements had helped with my assurance upon the topic. He had stated that there’s a “major theory for morality which comes from Kolberg. In this theory he talks about how a person’s morality changes as we get older. When were younger it 's all about what 's right and wrong and focused on the rewards and punishments. When we are teenagers, it 's all about social status and what makes us look the best in front of our friends, or even what the social rules are. When we become older, our morality is based upon the world around us”(Whetten, J.).
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